2016 - Pērļu zvejnieks / Pearl Diver

Artist: Jāzepa Mediņa Rīgas 1.mūzikas skolas zēnu koris,
grupa "bet bet"
Format: CD
© 2016 MicRec

1.   Tēvs, māmiņa (R.Pauls/L.t.dz.)
2.   Bāreņa lūgums (R.Pauls/J.Peters)
3.   Zivis dzied, bites dzied (R.Pauls/J.Peters)
4.   Ziemeļblāzmas romance (R.Pauls/J.Peters)
5.   Laimīte (R.Pauls/J.Peters)
6.   Pērļu zvejnieks (R.Pauls/J.Peters)
7.   Savās mājās, savā Tēvijā (R.Pauls/J.Peters)
8.   Aicinājums (R.Pauls/Aspazija)
9.   Vaska pils (R.Pauls/Aspazija)
10. Raudošā debess (R.Pauls/Aspazija)
11. Circenīša Ziemassvētki (R.Pauls/Aspazija)
12. Pasaciņa (R.Pauls/Aspazija)
13. Ticot, mīlot un gaidot (H.Stengrevics/J.Baltauss)

The band "bet bet" celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016 with an extensive series of concerts in the Latvian countryside and small towns, and closed the anniversary year with a new song album and concert series in Rīga, Cēsis, Rēzekne and Liepāja.

The new concert programme and album include the song cycle "Pearl Diver" by Raimonds Pauls and Jānis Peters, first published in 1989, and a song cycle with words by Aspazija.

The disc was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gints Stankevičs (Factory Sounds Studio). The choir was recorded at the RSIS Reformed Church. Recorded by Tālis Timrots, designed by Artūrs Tigulis. Photo by Aiga Rēdmane. The "bet bet" photoshoot styled by Sinda Krieviņa.

The cover is based on the painting "Boys' Song" by Līga Ķempe.

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