2001 - Rīga dimd / Riga Resounds

Artists: Jazeps Medins music school boys' choir, Niks Matvejevs;
Photographer: Jānis Arhats
Sound engineer: Mihails Medvedjevs
Bagpipe: Valdis Muktupāvels
Clarinet and saxophone: Ivars Bajarūns
Guitar: Ingus Feldmanis
Violin: Raimonds Ozols
Conductors: Edgars Linde, Romāns Vanags
Composer and arranger: Niks Matvejevs
Choir vocals arrangements: Edgars Linde
Format: CD, cassette
© 2001 Baltic Records Group
1.   Rīga dimd (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis) play
2.   Novele (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
3.   Baltā dziesma (Niks Matvejevs / vārdi - Marats Samauskis)
4.   Vai tu esi skatījies mēnesī? (Niks Matvejevs / Ints Miltovičs)
5.   Vien tu (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
6.   Kā vienmēr (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
7.   Debesīs (Niks Matvejevs - Ints Miltovičs)
8.   Piedot visu tev (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
9.   Aiziet prom... (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
10. Vismīļākā (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
11. Lietus lāses (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
12. Mana Rīga (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
13. Oliņ - Boliņ (Niks Matvejevs / Marats Samauskis)
Niks Matvejevs' solo album "Rīga dimd" features 13 compositions, five of which are performed in collaboration with young soloists such as Linda Leen, Aija Vītoliņa, and the Jāzeps Mediņš Music School Boys' Choir. Three songs on the album are dedicated to Riga, including one which was also performed at the Song Festival "Rīga 800".

Of the thirteen songs on the album, two are about Riga, while the others explore themes of love and human relationships. "It would have been too monotonous if all the songs were about Riga," explains Niks. "I composed a total of twenty-one new song for this album and then carefully selected the ones that had a cohesive sound. I wanted to avoid having one slow song followed by a blockbuster. The result is a peaceful and lyrical album."

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